1963 Cinelli SC

Classic Cinelli Super Corsa, built 1963, CycleArt repaint, as sold originally by Spence Wolf at Cupertino Bike Shop. Bike is equipped with TA cranks, Mafac Top 63 brakes, Campy drivetrain, and Cinelli M-71 "Death Pedals".  Rides and looks better than new. Has tied and soldered clincher wheels built by Spence in 1992. Cinellis are great bikes, they embody the vintage style and feel as much as any other classic lightweight.  The paintwork and filing on the bikes was actually pretty rough (I can remember seeing file marks under the bottom bracket) but when Jim Cunningham at CycleArt got finished with this bike, it looked better - WAY better - than it did when it left Via Edgido Folli 45 Milano.

I ride this bike frequently (altho carefully) and even though it is not a classic full Campy configuration and predates the classic 1968-73 period which many believe was the zenith of the classic lightweight era, it is a very solid, straight and satisfying ride.  It feels "just right".

Have a look at Cinelli history.   Also, I am the keeper of the worldwide Cinelli Owners Registry

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