Mark's Classic (and other) Bikes

I know, this is really getting out of hand. I'm going to have to build an addition on to the house if it keeps up. Not only that, each new bike you buy means that the bikes you already have get ridden less. Here's a quick look at what's hanging on my "wall of shame":

Classic Cinelli Super Corsa, built 1963, CycleArt repaint, as sold originally by Spence Wolf at Cupertino Bike Shop. Bike is equipped with TA cranks, Mafac Top 63 brakes, Campy drivetrain, and Cinelli M-71 "Death Pedals". Rides and looks better than new. Has tied & soldered clincher wheels built by Spence in 1992. This bike was donated by its original owner (a prominent attorney in Monterey, CA) to a charity organisation and then raffled off; I have the winning ticket and sales receipts. See More

Cinelli history and a great picture of Cino Cinelli

Hetchins "Magnum Opus" curly, original paint, built 1987, full Super Record gruppo with Delta brakes, Pino skewers, Hi/Lo rear hub. Like new. I call this bike "Big Red".

Check out the unofficial Hetchins website or BCQ's Hetchins Page for a comprehensive look at these unusual machines.

How about a classic French touring bike in "time warp" condition?  Here's a mint Alex Singer full dresser, I've ridden it a few times and it is absolutely wonderful.  It's just too nice to leave hanging on the wall.  I've posted some additional pictures of it.

Other bikes in the fleet include an Ibis Bow-Ti, a 22 lb full suspension mountain bike with no pivot, a Serotta Ottrott  a very rare Pogliaghi road bike with 1st generation NR components, Wizard 13, plus a couple of street fighters based on Ritchey and Bontrager mountain bike frames. Another recent addition is a Hetchins Hellenic with all the BoB trimmings. Oh, and a curved tube Jack Taylor for display only.

The Ibis and Serotta came from Cupertino Bike Shop (as did the Singer and Cinelli originally) I've done business there for 25 years and recommend them highly. Tell Vance I sent you. Here in Seattle, Il Vecchio on Lakeside Drive in Leschi looks like a great shop (reminiscent of the old "Cupertino Bike Shop") along with Jeff Groman's "Classic Cycles" here on Bainbridge Island. Also, be sure to check out the Classic Rendezvous site run by Dale Brown at Cycles De Oro in Greensboro, North Carolina.